Fixed Crushing Plant

Belyando Mining Developments
Fairfield Quarry, Clermont
As part of the Fairfield Quarry expansion, a fixed crushing plant was proposed and implemented by BRS. This upgrade was implemented to increase plant runtime and decrease downtime on repairs and maintenance.

Clermont Bulk Handling P/L.

Mike went to a lot of effort to sort out our plant. Went the extra step to sort out a few issues. Pretty good on Mike’s part. These electrical control panels that came with the equipment came from OS. So he had to speak with people in Ireland and no doubt did that outside of hours….
Dan Mayes,Managing Director Clermont Bulk Handling P/L.
BRS Responsiblities
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Design
  • PLC and SCADA design and implementation
  • Construction support and commissioning.
  • Integration of 3rd Party Panels into electrical design.
  • BRS is providing ongoing support to the operations staff.

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