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Hazardous Area Engineering Services

With a range of experience in Hazardous Area installations across mining and petrochemical industries. The BRS team is well equipped to provide you with the right advice for your particular application and regulatory requirements.
All of our engineering staff are trained and competent in hazardous area classification and design. A number of these team members are also able to provide inspection and audit services.

Key capabilities:

Why choose BRS for Hazardous Area Engineering services?

We've got loads of experience

Our team of experienced engineers and draftsmen have more than 25 years of industry experience. We employ only the best people with the right experience. We ensure that our customers deal direct with our team which allows for personalised service.

We’re easy to work with

Personable, long term relationships means we can be an extension of our customers’ teams with trusted reliable service.

We strive to deliver the best price

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service for our customers at competitive prices that fit into your budget.

We play well with others

As is attested to by the large number of repeat customers we work with. We fit in easily with your team and can provide a professional service no matter how big or small your project requirements may be.

We’re flexible

Being a smaller business allows us to be flexible with our approach and tailor solutions to meet your specific projects/needs.

We know your business

Chances are we’ve worked in your industry before and that means we can hit the ground running – fast!

Our Hazardous Area Engineering expertise

Hazardous Area Classification

The first step in EEHA compliance work for your site or installation. With experience in variety of industries including, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical Manufacture/Processing, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals and University research facilities.
Our team is well equipped to advise on and perform HA classifications including preparations of professionally formatted zone delineation drawings and user friendly classification reports and recommendations. Our typical approach is to help you as a site owner by providing useful tools to better maintain and operate your facility safely and compliantly.

Hazardous Area Design

With all of our engineering staff holding current competencies in EEHA design we have the resources to make your project run smoothly with regards to EEHA compliance. Our approach is to go to the extra effort to ensure you and your operations staff are involved throughout the process and become better informed as to how and why these compliance steps and design calculations are performed.
Our services are scalable from one off calculations or compliance checks, through to whole of life consulting and advocacy for site operators or installers.

Electrical Safety Auditing for Hazardous Areas

In Queensland it is a legislative requirement for hazardous areas to be audited pre-energisation. An audit must be carried out on hazardous area equipment that has been newly installed or modified, and must be completed before the equipment can be energised.
BRS are able to provide hazardous area audits performed by experienced EEHA auditors registered with the Electrical Safety Office (ESO).
Outside of QLD or for other stages of the project life cycle we can also provide a variety of other site audit and inspection services to suit your installations needs.

Past experience delivering Hazardous Area Engineering services