Marine loading arm and pig receiving station

Neumann Petroleum (TFA Project Group)
Eagle Farm, Brisbane
Neumann petroleum added a new marine loading arm and dedicated wharf line back to their eagle farm terminal, mechanical and process design by TFA Project Group . This included a pigging system to enable line clearance and segregation of products.
The wharf installation included the loading arm with manual controlled stripping pump and pig launching facility, as well as automatic deluge fire system. The terminal end included a PLC controlled pig receiving station with automated valve controls and product selection by local HMI.
BRS Responsiblities
  • Complete electrical design.
  • Valving and pig controls.
  • PLC programming for pig receiving facility and product selection via local display HMI.
  • Switchboard design.
  • General lighting and Power at the wharf.
  • Fire system electrical requirements.

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