Bitumen Plant HA

Suncoast Asphalt
Narangba QLD
In response to industry knowledge Suncoast engaged BRS to support them through their EEHA Hazardous Area Bitumen Plant compliance journey. With the initial engagement to complete a HA classification for the site. Flowing through to support in the rectification works and final site compliance.
The bitumen industry in Australia has been taking the learnings from overseas counterparts in regards to hazardous areas related to high flashpoint bitumen product which, when heated (i.e. in a bitumen kettle), can break down to produce hazardous levels of hydrogen sulphide gas. This was the third site that BRS has been involved with and the shared knowledge in the industry is of great value to the operators and maintenance personnel on these sites.
Suncoast also took the initiative, through consultation, to reduce the requirement for toluene in there laboratory processes by all but eliminating any zones associated with its handling and storage, which we have observed on other sites.
BRS Responsiblities
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Engineering Advocacy for EEHA works
  • Site Commissioning support
  • Hazardous Area Auditing

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