Emergency Lighting Design – IAS Fine Art Storage Facility

IAS Fine Art Logistics were constructing a climate-controlled secure storage facility for the storage of fine art.  The building was essentially a multi-room climate-controlled secure facility contained within an existing warehouse.

Given the size of the facility and the lack of any kind of external illumination, an emergency lighting system was required for safe egress in the event of an emergency or power failure.  The emergency lighting system included maintained (or battery backed) luminaires within the building, and maintained exit lighting over exit paths, ensuring adequate light levels in accordance with the National Construction Code (“NCC”) part E4. The sealed sandwich panel design excluded the use of traditional fixing methods and recessed equipment & cabling, requiring the use of alternative installation methods for the lighting fixtures.

BRS provided engineering support, by designing the emergency lighting & exit lighting layouts, complete with Form 15 sign off.

BRS Responsibilities

  • Emergency Lighting Design
  • Exit Lighting Design
  • Electrical Drafting